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let us do it for you


We can provide your home and business with various services to help you work and play like never before. Our quality is all rounded meeting with your needs and expectations and even going beyond.

Computer Repair

Our in-house technician has more than 20 years in the Computer Repair Industry and is more that suited to fix all those unexpected and dreaded problems that creeps in to you beloved computer.


We do all kinds of network setups, from setting up a basic ADSL router at home to a multi-tier wired and wireless network at you business. 


From a basic label for a Jam Jar to a complex Company Logo, Business Card and Letter heads we got a friendly qualified designer for all you needs.


With high quality production machines, we can produce all you colour and black printing work fast at a high quality. We also have a Large Format Printer which can be used for more than just to print building plans, we can do poster, banners and much more.


From as small as a business card up to a movie poster, we hot press laminating for that extra-long lasting seal making sure that whatever document or photo will last for must longer.


From a simple stapler to keep a few papers together to a thick manual.

fax and email

For those who want to send or receive a fax or email, but just don’t have the knowhow, or it’s just not worthwhile to invest in something that you may use once a while, we will be able to help you.


From a simple flyer for a missing pet to a complex document your staff will be more than able to help.

internet cafe

With 3 Dedicated PC for public use and more than ample space to sit down with your mobile devices to use our Hot-spot, in an air conditioned room at a very low price.